Turnkey frame-panel houses: sprint technology of the future

Whatever you say, but everyone wants to build a house quickly, efficiently and most importantly, not expensive. According to homebuilders, the time in which pre-fabricated suburban housing has become a reality is gradually coming. Now many are erecting turnkey frame-panel houses.

Prefabricated houses are built on the basis of modular technologies. Due to the fact that there are plenty of building materials for prefabricated houses, their price is less than traditional, and the quality is not inferior, personal preferences and fantasies of customers have no limits. The most important thing in this kind of construction is the reduction of time.

That is why, turnkey frame-panel houses are especially popular.

Thanks to the experience of our Canadian friends, as well as their Finnish neighbors, such houses are the best warrant for those who want to build an inexpensive, reliable and easily erected house. At the same time, erecting turnkey frame-panel houses, you get a home with ideal thermal characteristics.

During the construction of turnkey frame-panel houses, the general scheme will be divided into several stages:

– construction of transverse structures of load-bearing walls;

– with the help of wooden elements additional fasteners are made;

– the frame and floor are connected;

– the frame is filled with sealed and heat-insulating materials.

If you look at the construction scheme on the other hand, then the house can be compared with the designer. Individual parts are manufactured and delivered to the construction site, where they are then assembled. And now the turnkey frame-panel house is ready. At the same time, there is no need to use heavy equipment or a crew of guest workers.

It is also worth noting that when constructing a turnkey frame-panel house, you can use a lightweight foundation. The fact is that such a house has everything 5-6 times less than a brick one, so work on the zero cycle can be minimized.

Frame house

Also turnkey frame-panel houses do not have shrinkage. That is why, after the house is built, you can immediately do its decoration. All available communications are hidden under the skin. This eliminates the chiselling of walls and the cutting of strobes, which are later putty and plastering. At the same time, there is always an approach to wiring and cables. For finishing the facade of a turnkey frame-panel house, any materials may be suitable .