The creator of the physical foundations of the theory of soil destruction Arkady N. Zelenin

The calculated dependencies for determining the resistance to cutting and loosening, established by Professor Arkady Nikolayevich Zelenin and his school, are still the basis for calculating the loads acting on the working equipment of earthmoving machines. After the end of World War II, large-scale construction unfolded in the Soviet Union. New cities, industrial facilities, industrial complexes were erected; laid a network of roads and railways. The country became the largest construction site. 

Road construction machinery began to develop rapidly. Earth-moving machinery occupied a special place in the industry. The solution of the mechanization of heavy manual labor and a significant increase in the productivity of labor-intensive excavation was one of the central strategic tasks. In the 50s and early 6s of the last century, the material consequences of the destructive warrior still affected, but the country found the possibility of sufficient funding for research work, and with the development of applied science, the basis of modern engineering was created.

 It is not enough to design an earth moving machine. It is necessary to understand all the laws and properties of various types of soils that are subjected to mechanical development. The correctness of making design decisions by the creators of the machine depends on this, the effectiveness of earthmoving equipment depends on this. It was the study of soil destruction issues that the young scientist Arkady Zelenin took up. Extensive long-term studies were carried out in laboratory conditions. Special stands, layouts, recording instruments and much more were created. The results obtained by hard work were tested at various construction sites and quarries in the construction of real machines: On the basis of numerous experiments, formulas were born, a theory was formed. Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor Arkady Nikolayevich 3lenin is the creator of the physical foundations of the theory of soil destruction by various mechanical methods (cutting, impact, vibration, etc.).

Studying the physical picture of soil destruction processes allowed him to deduce the dependence on the determination of traction efforts of almost all types of earthmoving machines. He created the scientific basis for the calculation and design of working bodies for the effective destruction of frozen and non-frozen soils, recommended rational forms of excavation buckets. A.N. 3elenin developed the original theory of strength for real conditions of destruction, as well as the scale of soil resistance to cutting, approved by GOST. The research of Professor AH Zelenin is inextricably linked with industry. He had 14 inventions, of which the introduction of only such as buckets of rationally shaped excavators, bulldozers with powerful tractors, gave at that time an economic effect of national economic importance. 

The results of scientific research A.N. Zelenin was repeatedly reported at international congresses. He has written over 80 works on various issues of science and technology. A.N. Zelenin successfully combined scientific research with pedagogical activity. He generously gave his knowledge and experience to students, young specialists and scientists. From 1965 to 1975 he headed the department of road cars MADI. Professor A.N. Zelenin organized at the Department, in fact, the first scientific school in the field of destruction and excavation of soils of 14 rocks, and the mechanics of bulk soils. Under his leadership, candidates and doctors of technical sciences worked. Thanks to the work of the school, an experimental analytical theory of cutting thawed and frozen soils was created, textbooks were developed, and textbooks were written. Proceedings of Professor A.N. Zelenin published abroad. Established by Professor A.N.