How to make decisions yourself?

Any business series of independent decisions. The entrepreneur’s income depends on how successful they are. But do people often make decisions themselves? More often than not. Do you know why?

Most are led by fear: critics of others, suspense, negative results. And they all form throughout life. Criticism of others. This is perhaps the strongest fear. It is present in most people. Because of this fear, a person sits in his head a program – do it like everyone else, live like everyone else. This is especially pronounced when a person wants to go beyond ordinary life.

And it doesn’t matter which decision he makes: lose weight, change his profession, create a business, move to live in another city / country. All this is perceived by society with hostility. If you overcome this fear in yourself, you can change your life very abruptly. They will always criticize for everything. And if so, it is necessary to live and do as you see fit. Fear of the unknown. A new business is always accompanied by fear.

So the human psyche is arranged. The brain must definitely control everything, and if it does not work out, create at least an illusion. The unknown cannot be controlled, hence the fear. But the brain can be fooled. To do this, you need to come up with a result in advance. Even if in practice it happens differently, it does not matter. The main thing is to put the brain to sleep, let it think that everything is under control. Fear of negative results. First, we were punished for mistakes at school, then in college, then at work they began to be fined. Therefore, the fear of doing something wrong sits deep in our minds. Getting rid of him is not so easy. But probably. To do this, you need to understand that negative experience is just as useful as positive.

Without it, progress is impossible. All scientific discoveries and stunning impulses in technology and art went through the stage of incorrect results. There is not a single case that would turn out immediately perfect. Without a negative result, there would be no evolution. To get rid of this fear, you need to apply one rule: after each unsuccessful attempt, you must praise yourself. Yes exactly. The more mistakes made, the more valuable the result and the experience gained. Conclusion Getting rid of these complexes, you form independent thinking. Without them, making decisions independent of other people will be easy. It is the absence of fears that will help to build the life you dream about ..