And how do we understand each other?

We all know the differences between women and men. But they are manifested not only at the physiological level, but also in psychology, as well as behavior in the family circle, in the work collective. Further, we will talk about what is inherent in absolutely all women and men.

Psychologists conducted an interesting experiment with the participation of two same-sex, same-day children. It was this age that was chosen in order to prove that the differences between women and men manifest themselves from birth, and do not arise due to the influence of upbringing or the atmosphere of society.

When examining their attention, it turned out that the girl was watching human faces, and the boy was paying attention to objects that were moving. The boy’s interest in these objects was caused by the fact that they can be touched, taken, subordinated to one’s own will. Here the instinct of the hunter worked. A man from birth is programmed to conquer the world and subjugate people to himself. Women, on the contrary, are only interested in feelings, not achievements. For the weaker sex, the world itself and its structure, relations between people are interesting. Briefly summarizing the experiment, we can say that the stronger sex perceives the environment as follows: I Am, and there is everything else “, and the weak -” I and other people. “

Comparing these two features, one can see that a man actually lives in his own world and only interacts with the environment.
And how do we understand each other?
Women, on the contrary, open their inner world, trying to create a single whole. This applies to any environment in which both sexes fall. For example, when applying for a job, a woman will certainly pay attention to the team and the first thing she will get to know. The stronger sex will most likely stay apart, at least in the beginning.
Men are initially not inclined to be interested in other people. This should be taken as a fact, which, however, can be changed. If he realizes the importance of change (for the sake of the goal or beloved), then he will certainly try to “conquer” this peak.

Women are initially tuned to the waves of other people. Someone’s experiences for them are much more important than their own. These qualities are also difficult to change, because it is inherent in nature. To do this, you need to understand that you need to set certain boundaries for yourself, within which there will only be close people.
In conclusion, we can say that it is necessary to learn to understand each other. It is necessary to realize that nature has created us with different perceptions of the world and each other. Be sure to discount small flaws on both sides. This is the key to understanding and love ..