We bring up a worthy girl since childhood

When a long-awaited and desired daughter is born in the family, the house is lit up with a bright magic light. A little princess is brought into the house, which will now delight loved ones, and decorate the world around him with her presence. Mom is especially pleased to see her daughter, because now she has not only a little princess who can be taught to fashion and do different hairstyles. Now mom will have an assistant in the house and a girlfriend. But sometimes such bright hopes crumble like a house of cards. Instead of the long-awaited princess, a naughty and prankster runs around the house like a boy. And then the question arises, what did mom do wrong? Where did you make a mistake?

In fact, princesses, mistresses and just cute girls are not born, they become. And in order to educate just such a girl, one must be engaged from a very early age, so that it is not too late to change the style and lifestyle of your daughter.

1. We educate the hostess in the house

From a very young age, it is necessary to instill in the girl the concepts of household. Since childhood, a daughter should understand that she is a future hostess in the house, and all the women’s work in the house will one day fall on her shoulders. The future mistress, should be the mistress of not only being a married girl, but also living alone. The girl should clean the table after eating, and then wash all the dirty dishes. From childhood, you need to teach a girl to clean all the things in their places, as well as to clean their home. Naturally, at an early age, you do not need to load a large amount of work, but you can and must accustom to cleaning. A girl from childhood should understand that dirty things are washable. And the daughter should help mom in the washing process: either help load all the dirty things into the machine, or wash things with her hands. To begin with, you can invite your daughter to wash handkerchiefs or doll dresses. And one of the important skills – is needlework. Every good housewife should be able to sew a hole in the clothes.

2. We engender kindness in the heart from childhood.

A girl always seems like a sweet, delicate flower.

And first of all, from any princess, a manifestation of kindness is expected. And maybe it sounds amazing, but kindness also needs to be developed in girls from an early age. To do this, you can make a family friend, the care of which lay on the shoulders of your young princess. If there is a younger brother or sister, caring for them will become the best teacher of kindness. If this is not possible, then the favorite doll will serve as a friend for the daughter who needs to be taken care of.
Kindness education can occur while visiting orphanages or nursing homes. A girl from childhood should understand that in the world, besides her, there are many other people who need care. And also let the girl know that these people are not flawed. They just were a little less fortunate in life and now they need outside help. In this case, help should remain help and in no case should go into self-sacrifice. Can be explained by the example of bread. To share a piece of your bread is help, and to give it in full is self-sacrifice. In some situations, it will not lead to anything good.

3. We instill taste and style from childhood.

Naturally, the girl takes an example from her mother in everything. And sooner or later in her hands will be lipstick or shadow. In no case should you swear or forbid it. It is much more useful to explain to the child how to use it so that it is beautiful and aesthetically pleasing. And the best thing is to buy a daughter baby cosmetics, from which there will be no harm to young skin. Fortunately, now there are a large number of such sets. Go with your daughter and let her choose the most suitable set of cosmetics for herself.
And also the situation with the choice of clothes. To get started, give the girl the right to choose, see what she chooses, and make some comments. Turn this action into a kind of game, and then your daughter will become a truly real princess who will not only please the eye at home, but will also be able to charm the people around with her charm and charm ..